Friday, February 10, 2012

What LaRock Is listening to 2/5-2/10

Weekend is coming up wanna bless ya'll with some personal selections from what i've been listening to this week. And not gonna lie, its been a solid week with the releases so far. So i'll just hit yall with the simple. At some point i'll bless ya'll some some music that goes hard outside of hip-hop and rap. But for now, top 5 this week.

5. Action Bronson x Riff Raff - Bird on a Wire

I never thought i would put a song that has Riff Raff on it in a top 5 for ANYTHING. Thanks to Action Bronson spittin HEAT all over this track and the beat itself is nothing short of dope. Do yourself a favor and take notice of this song here. Hopefully there will be more to follow. 

4. Killa Kyleon - Ignorant Shit

One of the most underrated cats out the south right now. I haven't heard somebody murk this beat since Skee-Lo did it on "Superman" Check out his mixtape "Songs that didnt make CPTP 2"  here

3. Aleon Craft - Terrified

Its only fitting i put this ATLien on my top 3. Reminicant of a mix of old Organized Noise and new school hip hop, this song got me hooked. The tape bound to drop on V-Tines day this year. Believe i'll have the link for the tape up as soon as it drops. Peep the song "Terrified" here

2. A$AP - Wussup

For some music that came out a few months back to STILL be in rotation can give you an idea of what this team will be capable in the coming months. You can download LiveLoveA$AP(Mixtape) Here

1. Curren$y - Here

Spitta went and dropped that mixtape on super bowl sunday. Killed it. 5 Tracks but all 5 are quality. Digging the first track especially. You can download the whole tape right here

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