Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Curren$y and Styles P - The1st28

Not much to say other than its Spitta and Styles P. That should be self explanatory. 

Download the tape here

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Delilah - 2-4am Mixtape

Download the mixtape Here

Some good music coming out of the UK. She has a Samantha Jones type feel. Its a free mixtape. Mostly for the ladies. But fellas, you always gotta have some other shit on deck. So here ya'll go. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nate - Interlude

First video from the album i'm waiting for most this year. 
Don't sleep. 
Hip Hop still lives in the bay

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Guys.

Alright. I heard the hype about 5 Guys. The place looked pretty damn good. So i decided to give it a try. I ended up getting just the Cheeseburger. The fries looked like some damn blonde dreads, so i passed. Looked straight disgusting. So i get to it. I open the wrapper and i see this..

If this was Burger King or McDonalds, i would STILL be like wtf is this shit? Soggy bun, cheese looks like a monkey put it on, and the burger looks like some vegetarian communist shit. I gotta try this though. For science. Take a bite. It has no flavor. Take a few more bites and instantly it feels like this in my stomach. 

Instant doodoos. My boy was with me, and he heard my stomach making some dubstep like sounds. The night was a long one to say the least. Look, i know the place is new, and all that. The hype is extreme on this spot. But how hard is it to make a good burger? I made a bomb ass one the other day. But thats another story. 

Fuck 5 guys. Place is the shits. I give this mother fucker here: 

1 Fat Kid Star out of 5

Friday, February 17, 2012

Young Gully - They Dont Ride For Me

One of the most under rated dudes out here in the Bay. 
Young Gully outta Oakland

Yuna - Live Your Life

This girl is so refreshing. I simply love her music. Very smooth music and something that i think the ladies would enjoy. Her album drops on April 24th

Fat Kid Pizza Sammich

This will be done. Sweet Jesus. 
You ain't about that life. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nesby Phips - Ode to Old School & Classics

Gotta show the man some love here. One of the most down to earth cats and gifted emcees i've heard in a minute. Nesby goes in with his new tape "Ode 2 Old School & Classics" He spits over some classic beats and doesn't disappoint as usual. 

Fuck you Mars Candy

They talking about downsizing King Size candy bars in 2013. I hope 2012 happen. This can't be life. Gonna cop 100 bricks of that Snickers King Size on Dec.31st like the world ending for real.

Them Ewings coming back!!!!!!!!!!!

Stalley - 87 Regal

Dude just released some new music. If you ain't up in Stalley, figure it out or fix ya face.

download here

Monday, February 13, 2012

A$AP Ant - Coke and White Bitches

Not much to say but its A$AP
So you know its quality. 

Aleon Craft - Cosmic Valentine mixtape

Been waiting for a minute for this here to drop. Aleon Craft's Comsic Valentine. Don't sleep. Download here

Nipsey Hussle - Xtra Laps

Can't stress how much that yous shouldn't sleep on young Nipsey. He is dropping them 1 by 1. So i'll keep posting them up.

Sound of my ceremony.

Noah's Ark

Top Floor

We Ride


Friday, February 10, 2012

DJ Holiday "Right Now" (feat. Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo & Alley Boy)

This my last one for the week. 
Gucci. Alley Boy. Shawty Lo. 

Jordan 11 Black Out Samples

Samples of the Black out Jordan XIs
If these drop it might be worse
than when the Concords dropped

You better roll deep to get your pair

Is it that bad for them kicks right now?

Is that really how bad it is? You really about that life? Lose your dignity for some kicks? You thought it was gonna be funny or some shit? Fam, that is the most unacceptable shit i've read all day. What you gonna do when them Galaxies and 4s drop? holy shit.

This can't be life. 

What LaRock Is listening to 2/5-2/10

Weekend is coming up wanna bless ya'll with some personal selections from what i've been listening to this week. And not gonna lie, its been a solid week with the releases so far. So i'll just hit yall with the simple. At some point i'll bless ya'll some some music that goes hard outside of hip-hop and rap. But for now, top 5 this week.

5. Action Bronson x Riff Raff - Bird on a Wire

I never thought i would put a song that has Riff Raff on it in a top 5 for ANYTHING. Thanks to Action Bronson spittin HEAT all over this track and the beat itself is nothing short of dope. Do yourself a favor and take notice of this song here. Hopefully there will be more to follow. 

4. Killa Kyleon - Ignorant Shit

One of the most underrated cats out the south right now. I haven't heard somebody murk this beat since Skee-Lo did it on "Superman" Check out his mixtape "Songs that didnt make CPTP 2"  here

3. Aleon Craft - Terrified

Its only fitting i put this ATLien on my top 3. Reminicant of a mix of old Organized Noise and new school hip hop, this song got me hooked. The tape bound to drop on V-Tines day this year. Believe i'll have the link for the tape up as soon as it drops. Peep the song "Terrified" here

2. A$AP - Wussup

For some music that came out a few months back to STILL be in rotation can give you an idea of what this team will be capable in the coming months. You can download LiveLoveA$AP(Mixtape) Here

1. Curren$y - Here

Spitta went and dropped that mixtape on super bowl sunday. Killed it. 5 Tracks but all 5 are quality. Digging the first track especially. You can download the whole tape right here

Bacon Shake

So i was like, what is this bacon shake all these people are talking about.Jack in the box usually has the BEST fat kid items on a menu.  So i went out and tried it. So whats the verdict?

It tastes like bad bootleg cafateria bacon and stale milk. Holy shit was this shit bad. As soon as i had a sip, i had to get like 3 Bacon Potato Wedges with ranch to get the taste out of my mouth. Holy shit Jack In the Box. You let me down. How do you fuck bacon up like this? 

Bacon Shake gets 1 Fat Kid Star out of 5. 

Stay off that dope.

What happened man. That dope is a mother fucker. 
Sad thing is, she is one year older than me. Looking like death

?uestlove's JDilla Mix

?uestlove went in on hot 97 and did a hour mix of dedicated to J Dilla and his amazing music. If you really don't know who J Dilla is, then please educate yourself. J Dilla inspired everybody from Kanye West to Just Blaze. J Dilla unfortunately passed February 10th 2006 download the mix here.

J Dilla changed my life. 
Thank you J Dilla
2.7.1974 - 2.10.2006

Jordan brand, you're fucking up.

You would take a look at these monstrosities and think "Oh just some fakes." But no. Jordan Brand is STILL on that fusion, ran outta ideas type shit. They took the nicest parts of the of the 3s, 5s and 6s and threw them together with a SHITTY color way and said, 160 bucks? Seems right. These are fucking garbage water. 

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Movie looks hella good. 
keira knightley would get it.

Moe Green - Deja Vu

I'm really happy some good music 
is coming out of the Bay right now
because it was a drought for a minute
all that hyphy bullshit. 
But this is Moe Green. 
Deja Vu
Not the strip club though 

Asaad – Talk My Shit

Some pretty good stuff right here. 
Dig the artwork as well
but on the real, Asaad is nice. 
Don't sleep

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Girl goes crazy over that Galaxy money...i mean Tax money

You already know what it is. 
These folks out here going crazy over that tax check. 
I blame Nike. Them cats dropping hella kicks in the next 3 weeks
the pressure got way too much for these two females here because 
their man was like, buy them Galaxies bitch so i know its real
And you know they man gonna get in that ass if they don't cop them kicks.
That Foamposite thirst is a mother fucker. 

Terrence Martin - Let Me Taste You

Fat kid social club will not be 
held accountable if any of yall
fuck around and get 
pregnant off
this song.
-Based La Rock 

A bunch of humping gonna go down because of this here. 

Action Bronson and Riff Raff

Trust me. 
Action Bronson is the truth
Riff Raff stepped it up
This beat is so amazing
Where is all this good music coming from?
2012 is so serious. 

A$AP Mob - Stay Schemin Freestyle


Phonte – The Good Fight (9th Wonder on the beat)

Phonte? Check
9th Wonder? Check
That is all you need. 
If you are unfamiliar with these two.....Wow.

Nipsey Hussle feat. Vado - What You Need Freestyle

More heat from Nipsey 

Jay-Z and Kanye West - Niggas in Paris Video

Welcome Home Earl Sweatshirt.

Welcome Home Earl. 
Talented as fuck
He's back.

Will Ferrel needs to do this permanently


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Killa Kyleon

For the love of god. 
Do NOT pass up this monster tape right here
Songs that didn't make CPTP2
The track "Ignorant S**T" is bananas. 
Bless yourself with the link below. 

Adidas is losing.

Ugly ass shoes. 
D.Rose can't even save ya. 
Them Jeremy Scott shoes on the other hand

Nipsey Hussle - Rose Clique

The Marathon Continues got some heat
This just one of the songs off it
Dude is killing it right now

Aleon Craft - Terrified

This is beautiful to me. 
It's like, where Dungeon Family left off
Aleon Craft picked right back up
I been NEEDING some music like this
Do yourself a favor and listen here. 

Driznasty CoD Montage

Dude is nice.
He ain't me though.
But he nice.

Diemon - Eclipse

Diemon is something i suggest ya'll take a look at. This some real good music here. 
This is Dartlin f/Bugus and Russ with a song called "Eclipse"
I'm happy with the type of music that is being pushed out in 2012
You can download the song "Eclipse" here
Also check out 

A$AP - Wussup

Yea the video been out. Yea the album been out. Still dope. A$AP is gonna be on fire 2012. Don't snooze. 

Sweet Jesus.....

I need these.