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Fat Kid Social Club Podcast - PC v Console

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Sony still doesn't care about you.

We all seen the sony experience. We all seen Sony announce FF7. We all were let down that it was just another port and not the long awaited remake in HD. The biggest middle finger though is the fact it will be $16 despite the fact it is $12 on Steam and around the same for PS3/PSVita. 


Witcher 3 Panoramas.

This game keeps looking better and better. 
It was pushed back to May 19th. 
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Fat Kid Mafia - LeatherFace -

Fat Kid Mafia
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Fat Kid Mafia - Uncle Phil

Fat Kid Mafia 
Uncle Phil Tee
FAT KID Snapback 

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Back to School Shoe Drive

The homie FOAMERSIMPSON put together a Back to School Shoe Drive for kids who will actually NEED their kicks for school. If you have anything at all to help you, please peep this info. It's for a great cause.  

Mad Max Fury Road

Now that...looks fire. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


One of the greatest runs in pro wrestling. 

Comic Book Wednesday - World War Hulk

This story is a personal favorite and got me full blown comic book nerd more again when it released. This was the first time since i could remember where i completely understood and didn't care who died because what happened to Hulk. This is top three greatest Marvel stories of all time to me. So lets begin...

After the events of Civil War and Planet Hulk, shit really hit the fan. In ways the Marvel Illuminati and even those of Earth couldn't even anticipate. The entire reason they sent Hulk into space was for a few reasons. First, he was too strong. There was no more Bruce Banner. That whole 'You makin me angry' shit is outta here. Hulk has been so enraged, he completely turned into Hulk as the dominant one. As before, Bruce Banner was the dominant one. Now its completely switched. The second reason they sent him to space was they couldn't measure how powerful he was. But best believe they found out when he was on his way back. 

One of the ILLEST quotes i've ever read in a comic came from when The Hulk landed on the Moon to face Black Bolt of the Inhumans. "I didn't come here for a whisper. I wanna hear you scream" Now keep in mind, awhile back, black bolt sonned hulk. But that was the old hulk. This hulk is hunting down everybody in the Marvel Illuminati. (which we'll touch on later.) That consists of: Professor X, Namor, Black Bolt, Mr Fantastic, Tony Stark and Dr. Strange. 

Hulk goes to Stark Tower all the way to the Mansion where the X-Men reside. I won't spoil it for you guys, but i'll say this...Hulk stops the Juggernaut. Also, he turns Madison Square Garden into a gladiator Arena for certain people to fight each other to the death. There are so many elements to this that it will make you happy you read the previous comic book wednesday posts and got up to date. You'll notice that the Civil War happened partially because Hulk wasn't there to choose a side as well. 

It really is a amazing read if you have the chance to get a hold of it. Trust me. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Driveclub - Dynamic Weather.

Mother of God.

Comic Book Wednesday: Civil War

This is what set Marvel off. A lot of old comic fans came back just to see about this. To see a lot of their favorite heroes go toe to toe but behind a cause. The funny thing is that there were fans to both sides. Let me explain....

So, at the time Marvel was mirroring off of what was popular in real life. During this time, it was the 'Reality Show Era'. Essentially a show similar to cops but with mutants were to apprehend this one 'small time' villain. Little did they know he had the power to explode himself. Long story short he ran into a school, killed all the kids and America was outraged. Nick Fury went into hiding (because other shit was going down) Tony Stark became the head of shield and put into place 'The Initiative'. All mutants, super heroes, villains and in between had to register their powers or face the consequences.

Well because Captain America is a G of epic levels, he was like 'Nah cuz this here be America and i aint with all that Nazi shit' and Tony Stark was like 'Nah blood, you better get with it. Get down or lay down' (im paraphrasing muhfuggas) And shit hit the fan. It was a royal rumble. Spiderman did what Spiderman does best and became somebodies bitch, Thor got pissed off, Iron Man was acting on some Cyclopes levels of hoe-ness and Hulk was in outer space fighting in a gladiator pit. REMINDER: All this wouldn't have gone down if Hulk was on earth. Anyways....

After the smoke cleared, there were TWO avengers groups "New Avengers" and "Avengers: Initiative" afterwards, a few marvel characters on the run and all the while....HE WHO IS THE WORLD BREAKER IS COMING BACK TO EARTH!!!!  There is so much detail with this story arc that i wouldn't want to spoil too much and i am not giving this enough justice. PLEASE for the love of god get your hands on this masterpiece and legendary moment in Marvel History. 

Next time on Comic Book Wednesdays....The Greatest Story in Marvel History in my opinion


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Comic Book Wednesdays Revisited.

A year ago, i started up this thing called Comic Book Wednesday. It was to pretty much catch folks up on some amazing stories within comic books. I think now is a great time to bring that back, especially that now, we are damn near surrounded by comic books and comic book movies. There are the original CBW posts. 

Comic Book Wednesday Part 1 - Avengers Disassembled

This was the Road to House of M. This is a great introduction to comic books if you're new and a great re-introduction if you've been out of the loop. 

Comic Book Wednesday Part 2 - House of M

In my opinion, one of the best story lines in the last 10 years from marvel. Something that any comic book fan will find interesting and amazing. 

Comic Book Wednesday Part 3 - Planet Hulk

There isn't much i can say to describe this other than it is in my top 5 comic story arcs of all time. Just understand that this is pure unadulterated CRACK. 

All in all - Tomorrow i will be bringing back Comic Book Wednesday. Picking up where i left off. I'm just putting you guys on to the main story lines/arcs. If you want to read the extra detailed stuff, let me know.

 Be ready. Catch Up. And enjoy.